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  1. You’re in a quite serious scenario if your marriage lacks intimacy. A marriage with out intimacy is an alarming sign to some thing that’s wrong with it, and some thing obviously needs to be done. If you still need to save your marriage it’s finest to take action now.

  2. Wedding shoes for the fairy tale theme. The fairy tale theme wedding is the most well-known wedding style for the brides who wish to be various from others but don’t intend to go too far beyond the old tradition. The fairy tale wedding theme allows the brides to have more freedom to play with their wedding dress and wedding shoes.

  3. Small library at home is yet another common Mosuo a typical family home, a total of eight men and women, are grandmothers mother’s mother, actually, uncle actually his father, A Jiu mother’s brother, Big A sister, 2 Liza, Elder brother sister’s lover, A nephew sister’s child 5 months. Small Library told us that her grandmother, her mother, her sister are both married, grandmother birth to a woman and two men, jiu died young, her mother died 11 years old ill, only 37 years old when he died, as a way to take care of them, allowed by the grandmother, uncle would leave home and live with.

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